Darth Vader becomes your boss in terrifying ‘Vader Immortal’



I’m standing in one of those hexagonal Star Wars corridors on the planet Mustafar when the doors at the end open. Against blinding light, the Dark Lord of the Sith makes another hell of an entrance. Only this time, I’m not in the cinema audience. I’m in the movie. 

The black silhouette, lit only by the glow of his green belt buttons, fills my field of vision. He looms over me, hands me a box, and tells me to figure out how to open it. “Do not disappoint me,” Vader says, the familiar baritone rumble and claustrophobic iron lung breathing filling my ears. 

So, no pressure then.

Pulse racing, palms sweating, I fumble around with the box, pressing things at random until a Kyber crystal pops out. The new boss is pleased and I’ve got the gig. What gig, I’m not exactly sure, but I’m packed off to lightsaber training immediately, with barely a moment to recover from the most terrifying job interview ever. Read more…

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