HQ Trivia host Scott Rogowsky leaves for a sports show


HQ Trivia has been broadcasting its live game show to mobile devices for about a year and a half now, and usually the events were hosted by “quiz daddy” Scott Rogowsky. He hasn’t been on the air for the last few weeks, and as TMZ first reported today, that’s because he’s parted ways with HQ after taking a new job hosting a baseball show on sports streaming network DAZN. Apparently Rogowsky wanted to continue hosting HQ part-time, however the company declined to keep him on for weekend games.

Former guest host Matt Richards is now the regular primetime host, and in a series of tweets Rogowsky called ChangeUp “a dream opportunity that I simply couldn’t pass up.” A statement provided to TechCrunch said:

“We continue to build an incredible company at HQ Trivia, from drawing hundreds of thousands of players to the platform daily, to increasing the size of the prize, to attracting strong talent. We’ve come a long way since Scott Rogowsky’s first trivia game and we’re grateful for everything he’s done for the platform…e’re just getting started at HQ Trivia, and as he makes his next move, wanted to take a minute to thank him for being part of our journey.”

Sadly, it won’t be possible for me to continue hosting HQ concurrently as I had hoped, and because I wasn’t given the courtesy of a farewell show, please allow me to use this thread to say all the things I would have said on my final broadcast. (2/5)

— Scott Rogowsky (@ScottRogowsky) April 12, 2019

I will forever be indebted to my former colleagues who created and supported this innovative platform that allowed my face and voice to reach millions of people around the world, and there will always be a special place in my heart for my HQties all across the HQniverse. (4/5)

— Scott Rogowsky (@ScottRogowsky) April 12, 2019

PS: HQ is staffed by brilliant writers, researchers, producers & animators who have hand-crafted nearly 1,000 small-batch quizzes from scratch, helped me come up with the silly puns & nicknames you hate to love, & designed killer GFX packages — all w/o any on-screen credit…

— Scott Rogowsky (@ScottRogowsky) April 12, 2019

Source: TMZ, TechCrunch

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