Is Microsoft Quietly Lobbying Against Right-To-Repair Legislation?
Microsoft “has been quietly lobbying against Right to Repair legislation, which would prevent Microsoft from penalizing customers when they open up their devices,” claims MSPoweruser:
Jeff Morris, Democratic member of the [Washington state] House of Representatives claims Microsoft has blocked legislation from being passed despite strong bipartisan support. In an interview on iFixit’s Repair Radio [YouTube], Rep. Jeff Morris said that “word on the street” was that Microsoft, “marshalled forces to keep the bill from moving out of the House Rules committee.” He claimed “there was a tax proposal here … to pay for STEM education,” and that “in exchange for Microsoft support[ing that tax,] having Right to Repair die…” was a condition, as well as another privacy policy Microsoft wanted to advance.
The state representative hedged that “I can’t confirm or deny this, because I have not seen a smoking gun.”
But he also told his interviewer that to paint a discouraging picture of the landscape after passage of the bill, “Microsoft was going around telling our members that they wouldn’t sell Surface Tablets in Washington any longer.”

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