Amazon Helps Cops Set Up Package Theft Sting Operations
An anonymous reader quotes Motherboard:

In response to Amazon packages being stolen from people’s doorsteps, police departments around the country have set up sting operations that use fake packages bugged with GPS trackers to find and arrest people who steal packages. Internal emails and documents obtained by Motherboard via a public records request show how Amazon and one police department partnered to set up one of these operations.

The documents obtained by Motherboard — which include an operations plan and internal emails between Amazon and the Hayward, California Police Department — show that Amazon’s “national package theft team” made several calls to the Hayward Police Department and sent the department packages, tape, and stickers that allowed the department to set up a “porch pirate” operation in November and December of 2018… Several other cities around the country — including Aurora, Colorado; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Jersey City, New Jersey; and Hayward, California — have also conducted porch pirate sting operations aided by Amazon. Jersey City, New Jersey — like Hayward, California — put GPS-tracking devices inside the dummy packages. Aurora and Albuquerque, meanwhile, used doorbell cameras from Ring — which is owned by Amazon — to capture video footage and surveil for theft.

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