DARPA Wants To Make a Better, More Secure Version of WhatsApp

The Defense and Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) appears to be in the process of developing its own ultra secure communication platform. The program is called “Resilient Anonymous Communication for Everyone,” or RACE, and it will be similar to WhatsApp in that it will be for everyone to use. Trusted Reviews reports: The objectives of the program are to create a distributed messaging system that can do three things: Exist completely within a network; Provide confidentiality, integrity and availability of messaging; and Preserve privacy to any participant in the system.

DARPA seem to be putting security front and center, and the description of the project claims that “compromised system data and associated networked communications should not be helpful for comprising any additional parts of the system,” meaning that DARPA are keen that one breach shouldn’t also give them a leg up on access to other parts of the system. So, will we soon be using a U.S government branded DARPA? Probably not, but the chances are that RACE will go some way to creating a messaging app that’s resilient to attacks, with the protocol and security they find no doubt dripping through to consumer tech and features in the coming years.

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