Apple and Qualcomm settle royalty lawsuits with new patent agreement

And just like that, the bitter feud between Apple and Qualcomm is already over. The two companies have settled their patent royalty dispute, ending all ongoing legal action (including with Apple’s manufacturing partners). Apple has agreed to pay Qualcomm an unspecified amount, while both sides have struck a six-year patent license deal as well as a “multiyear” chipset supply deal.

It’s unclear what prompted the abrupt end, although a federal trial had started on April 15th. Clearly, at least one party wasn’t keen to see the battle through to its very end. Qualcomm has scored a few victories, but so has Apple — and neither side is likely eager to have some of their inner workings revealed in court. There are certainly higher stakes for Apple when defeats could lead to sales bans on currently available phones, even when they don’t use Qualcomm chipsets.



Source: Apple Newsroom