Will The Transition To IPv6 Take 5 to 10 Years?

An anonymous reader quotes The Register:
IPv4 is here to stay with us for a good few years yet, reckons the the Réseaux IP Européens Network Coordination Centre’s (RIPE NCC) public policy manager, eight years after IPv6 was supposed to replace it. Marco Hogewoning, public policy for the Amsterdam, Netherlands-based European regional internet registry, told The Register that despite the best efforts of IPv6 proponents over the last eight years, it might take “five to 10 years” before the world starts to truly abandon the IPv4 address space.

IPv6 was first defined in 1996, but with Friday marking the 8th anniversary of (the second) IPv6 “Launch” Day, RIPE NCC was keen to talk up the tech, whose chief benefit is that it provides a much greater pile of internet addresses for all the stuff humanity has dumped online in the last few decades…Musing that “little pockets of IPv4” and some government services hosted on IPv4 are two of the things holding the world back, Hogewoning told The Register:

“It’s impossible for me to file my taxes over IPv6. As much as I want, I can’t get rid of IPv4 in the end because I need to file my taxes. That’s a dialogue we try to have with the governments… It’s an important step to go to, enabling IPv6 [instead of] IPv4 to make sure we don’t force people to have that backwards compatibility.”

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Facebook releases tips for group mods on how to be more inclusive

Facebook releases tips for group mods on how to be more inclusive

Just as the internet as a whole erupted in discussion about the killing of George Floyd and the subsequent protests about police brutality, so have Facebook groups.

That is, if mods keep the posts up.

Some Facebook groups have fallen apart according to The Verge, as a result of infighting or post deletion by mods, or a combination of the two. Anyone who’s in a group for their seemingly-unrelated interest — dancing, being a mom, bullet journaling — can see the purview of opinions not just about Black Lives Matter and the protests, but about the discussion itself being allowed in said groups. 

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The first live ‘Destiny 2’ event kicks off at 1PM ET


Bungie is about to try a new strategy for keeping Destiny 2 fresh: holding Fortnite-style live events. The studio is promising (via PC Gamer) that humans will “take aim at the Almighty” (the massive Red Legion spaceship on a kamikaze mission against the Last City) at 1PM Eastern. It’s not certain just what will happen, but season lead Lars Bakken told gamers to be at the Tower hub if they want to see the drama unfold.

Based on earlier glitches, the interplanetary Rasputin defense AI you’ve been helping this season will take down the Almighty and avert catastrophe — there wouldn’t be much of a game left otherwise — but the Tower won’t emerge completely unscathed. The event is coming just days before Bungie both kicks off the next season of D2 and previews year four on June 9th, so you can expect what happens now to have an effect on the plot.

This is something of a gamble. While D2 certainly has a sizeable player base and has been including more shared goals, it’s not clear if live events will have the same impact they do in Fortnite. After all, Epic’s battle royale game has the luxury of a massive audience and, to a degree, the cultural zeitgeist. This does give players another reason to sign in, though, and it suggests that D2’s storyline will be more involved going forward.

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Indian online travel booking firm Yatra terminates merger deal with Ebix

Indian online travel booking company Yatra has terminated a pending merger agreement with Atlanta-based software firm Ebix and filed a litigation seeking “substantial damages” over alleged breach of deal terms. In July last year, Ebix announced its plan to acquire Yatra, giving the Indian firm an enterprise value of $337.8 million, in a move to […]

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